“Human Spaces” unite people in a globally accessible co-creation community & co-working infrastructure, where they can fully realise their potential. With our modular optimised hardware, we attract location providers to have an impact and get the most out of their space.


    Best Price

    fair, cheap & transparent pricing

    Global Access

    your trusted space - everywhere


    fun, freedom & flexibility

    Cooperative Culture

    giving and receiving

    Citizen not Member

    community / engagement / events

    Future Of Work

    creative, inspiring & fun places

    Unique User Experience

    parks, hotels, resorts, lakes & & &


    exchange and co-creation on scale




    As an h·citizen you will be a part of our global community and cooperative culture. Everyone is significant: you can actively contribute in our ongoing development. However you want and wherever an h·space is built!



    We are building the bridge between market demand and unused spaces. We’re not limited just to office space. An h·space can be anywhere: mall, industrial building, park, public place, golf course; wherever co-working can be productive and fun.


    location provider

    We guarantee facility owners reach their target annual rent. We also facilitate all the necessary steps in creating an h·space; including construction, infrastructure and community access. With h·space you are part of the community dedicated to creating a lasting impact.


    stay excited - we are going to spread fast!

    Spring 2018


    In January, we are going to start spreading the idea and launch our crowd-investing campaign, where we give away the first h·citizenships to people who love the idea!


    European Infrastructure

    At the end of 2018, we will open out first spaces, and by mid 2019 we will have spaces all over Europe!

    From there we are going to optimize the structure further...


    Global Infrastructure

    ...so we can expand into the whole world in 2019. We plan spaces in Latin America, USA and Asia Pacific! Get excited!


    your affordable global office space

    h·spaces - is all about YOU - the h·citizen

    At h·spaces we focus foremost on the community and network. We are dedicated to serving all people who are looking for our community, events and networking structure. If you don’t need the full co-working access, you are still welcome to get the citizenship for only 25€ a month and take advantage of:
    • Access to our community-app
    • Access to our co-working infrastructure after 5pm
    • Access to all events, community and network possibilities
    • Access to our 2 yearly major events for all h·citizens
    only h·citizens will be able to book hot desks or dedicated desks.


    our model is simple - the h·way

    We have four categories of cities, related to the average annual office rent per m2. Let’s say London is the most expensive city with approx. EUR 1’200 per year per m2.
    That means the fee for a shared desk is EUR 299 per month. If your city is not on our radar yet, send us a message to bring an h·space around the coner from wherever you are. We can provide a quick indication how much that membership would cost. We are happy to expand anywhere an h·space is needed.

    Our hot desk rates are insanely cheap compared to the market average. How can we do it? Because we've optimized every aspect of the h·spaces model: the space, the design, the setup process, and the logistics behind co-working. As an h·citizen you will access the highest quality co-working experience, at a price far bellow what you'd expect.


    Get notified at our launch!


    co-working essentials - the h·way

    We've taken the time to learn from and experience all the spaces out there. What we've learned is how to outperform how co-working has worked in the past. Our focus and space design is made to connect and provide flexibility to all our users. We'll ensure that an h·space is always as close as possible and a global h·space density is one of our highest priorities. We will maintain a balance in h·space locations, to provide spaces in prime locations as well as exotic and peaceful places. Our furniture has been designed to address all working styles and needs. Be comfortable when you are sitting for long hours or work ate one of our convertible standing desks.

    What makes us most competitive is our fair pricing and incredible flexibility. While most co-working spaces focus on closed communities and are limited in flexibility, we want to ensure that there are no limits. It doesn't matter if you are using the same h·space every day or wander around visiting new spaces every day. Wherever you go, h·spaces are places where you will feel welcomed and at home.


    you deserve a space to feel at home - same - everywhere - always - all days

    Natural and Comfortable Materials

    feel home

    At h·spaces we provide the most comfortable and modern office infrastructure. Our furniture is designed and crafted in Italy, using a combination of wood, glass and minimalist design. Our chairs and tables are designed to provide the highest level of comfort of any co-working space. We can also provide state of the art convertible standing desks. Its important to our team that we pay attention to even the smallest details to ensure our users are as comfortable as possible.


    The Family and Play Zone

    where exchange happens

    As we’ve shared, the community is of foremost importance to our concept. In future expansion and office furniture decisions, we will integrate the feedback, desires, and needs of our community members. This allows our users to truly create the spaces they access. As an “h·citizen” your voice will be heard and your needs addressed.
    Let’s say we get another 50 people signed up in a city. When selecting and developing the new h·space we will include the community. The concept community members like the most will be developed to create the spaces that you demand.

      The Privacy Area

      be focussed - privacy

      Two of the top three problems associated with current co-working spaces are: concentration and privacy. While connecting and exchange is nice, we also understand the importance of peace and privacy, so we've designed h·spaces that strike the perfect balance of privacy and community.

      The h·way is to focus on the smallest details, like sound absorption materials and sufficient number of privacy areas (around 50% of our spaces). Our goal is facilitate your desired level of efficiency and provide an island to hideaway within our space.

    • THE APP

      you'll love how we stay connected - the h·way


      Making your life easy

      focus on that what matters

      In today’s information driven society it's essential to keep things and your life easy and structured. With the the h·app you have an easy all in one management console, to keep your workday in alignment and stay focused on building, growing and connecting.


      Optimized to help you grow

      get the most out of your network

      We want all our citizens to grow as they deserve, and we've developed our app to help enable that growth. Surfing through the app you can see what skills and interests are present in spaces around the world, or even at the desk next to you. Browse through the board, ask questions, give answers and exchange globally. With a successful campaign and launch, we plan to have an AI running for you to build mastermind clusters across citizens, spaces and the entire h·spaces infrastructure.


      Designed to connect

      make use of synergies and exchange

      Interaction for us means co-creation and interpersonal development. Our citizens will have profiles that show their talents, share their interests, and allow them to exchange and build a reputation. We're committed to making sure all h·citizens can connect, co-create and grow together. Simply put, we are co-creation. That means our app never rests. If you have an awesome idea, tell us and we'll see what's possible!

    • TEAM

      what an awesome team - your international family

      Marcel Gasser

      co-founder /chief inspiration officer

      Marcel has lived in and traveled to over 70 countries and he’s still not finished! From Tibet to Greenland, there’s almost nowhere he hasn’t visited some time recently. In the process, he’s learned a lot about the privileges of living the nomadic lifestyle and has become very passionate about how this community can create a lasting impact.
      He was directly involved in the creation of more than 10 companies in the past 5 years. He is extremely excited about h·spaces.
      For this particular venture, Marcel plans to reinvest the profit he’s making in a good cause. He holds a Business IT degree, an MBA from University of Southern Queensland as well as an Executive MBA.

      Tim Laufkötter

      co-founder / chief community officer

      Tim has managed global projects and worked for several startups, corporates and as a freelancer to get to know which work-culture truly suits him. Since he's been traveling the world as a digital nomad, his interest in co-working has evolved and his passion in developing his perfect tribe & culture emerged.

      As one of the younger members of our team, he represents the needs and perspectives of the selective millennials, having extremely high expectations in work-culture and life.

      Dave Williams

      advisor / marketing guru

      Dave is a serial entrepreneur and investor with several large exits including 360i, SearchIgnite (now IgnitionOne) and BLiNQ Media. His most recent, BLiNQ Media, was sold to Gannett in late 2012 and named a top 10 transaction that year in NYC. He is passionate about co-working and the Co-founder of NomadX ,a facilitator of the future to work for freelancers, location independent workers in a unique way.

      Hugo Stevens

      innovation expert

      Hugo has several international experiences at multinational and startup companies, including on eat a startup factory. He has profound knowledge in the areas of marketing & sales. He holds a Master’s degree in Management at a Católica-Lisbon Business School, which he finished with distinction. He also created and holds a patent for innovative socks, as well as an e-commerce store to showcase innovative products around the world. He is very dedicated to improving an organization’s performance and innovation process.

      Miguel Reynolds

      advisor / dolphin investor

      Miguel has been an entrepreneur since 1987. He is the founder of several companies and NGOs, an experienced business strategist, negotiator, business broker and business mentor.


      Since 1994, Miguel has been a strategic management advisor for several institutions in Portugal, Brazil and the USA.

      He is an author of books and articles in strategic management systems, entrepreneurship, business brokering and teleworking. Hi latest book, published in May 2015, is "The Sustainable Organisation - a paradigm for a fairer society". (www.sorgindex.com)

      Christian Steinbarth

      advisor / Chief Happiness Officer

      Christian is a social entrepreneur and impact investor. He is passionate about generating positive social change through business, and developing a global entrepreneurship ecosystem. He has developed social enterprises in Europe and Africa.


      Christian currently lives in West Africa, where he supports entrepreneurship development through a variety of projects across multiple companies, investment funds, and NGOs in conflict-affected regions and emerging markets. He holds an MSc in International Development from the University of Amsterdam.

      Pier Paolo Mucelli

      market expert / advisor

      Pier is a London-based entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the founder of eOffice, among the co-working pioneers in Europe. Pier is an active figure in the UK and European startup community providing support and mentoring to startups and organizations.


      He cofounded CoWorkingLondon.com, a complete listing of coworking spaces in London and OpenOffices.com, a platform of office spaces for lease.

      Ana Barjasic

      funding expert / advisor

      Ana is working with a number of entities within the international startup and investor ecosystem such as European Commission and Global Entrepreneurship Network. Ana is also the coordinator of the Business Angel Week since 2013, an initiative created by the European Business Angel Network. In its four editions and under her supervision, BAW became the world’s largest initiative on promoting angel and early stage investment, with over 900 events in 60 countries. Ana created Connectology which deals with entrepreneurship and investment readiness projects and also invests into early stage companies.


      let's co-create the first unicorn for good!

      Why it matters?

      We strongly believe that the future is in collaboration and co-creation. That's why we're building the globally pioneering community that is needed to make the next step.

      1. We call our spaces h·spaces because they focus on humans instead of money!
      • We are tired of hearing stories from the valley and other places only focusing on money, money and money.
      • Let us change the way people think about growing a business!
      2. The global co-work infrastructure is under massive change and movement.
      • Small, independent spaces are isolated islands and often lack flexibility and connectivity.
      • Over 50% of all small spaces (less than 200 members) are hardly profitable.
      • They risk missing the big, significant and deep connected community, we strive for.
      3. We will make it a shared success!
      • To really build what you need, we engage our citizens to actively participate in the development of h·spaces
      • We are transparent, barrier-free and committed to offer the fairest pricing possible.
      • Whatever it is - we want your dream to come true!

      A Unicorn for Good

      Yes, we want to also become a unicorn, a unicorn for good!
      We decided to give all our shares to a trust and invest the profits in activities for something good. Our business is about culture and values!
      When our founders, Tim and Marcel, came together, they were tired of hearing stories from the valley and other places only focusing on money, money and money. It seems like people and most startups were only focusing the biggest possible exit, instead of finding a meaningful reason to create something. Marcel has created 10 companies and never left his passion for having happy customers, employees and the fun in doing it. Of course, there needs to be a business case and it must generate profit, but for us the most important thing is to give and provide.

      We truly want to encourage and enable people to master their own life and to improve. We see a lot of potential in disadvantaged places, so we plan to connect those as well. Not by just giving away currency or food. To really help, to promote self-help. We will provide infrastructure, knowhow in IT & online work for free.
      It is of the utmost importance to us that we remain transparent with all of you, so that we can engage you as much as possible!
      We appreciate your ideas, thoughts and support. Let’s create it together. Some might say we are crazy. Probably we are. We are crazy aware what we are doing and how nice and big the impact we create will be. As co-founders, we share a passion to create the needed impact, that’s why we've developed h·spaces this way.

      Last but not least we have in our mind to share for every 10 hot desks we can build one desk to a human in emerging markets. So we can build infrastructure for people who would have no access to the globalized and connected world.


      Let's face the challenges and overcome the risks

      Our prime risk is that people will probably think we're crazy.
      1. Our calculations are so simple, that even we sometimes double-take at the amazing results. They are accurate, possible, and not even overly optimistic. But for us, this is not the point. We focus on meaning and believe that with the right reason there is always a way. We hope as we have a true and meaningful purpose behind why we created this enterprise, people will share in our beliefs and together we can make it a co-created co-supported success.
      2. Get involved for the good and betterment of our global society- right from the beginning. This also mean that our user will always get the best price / value on the market. We are confident that it will be nearly impossible for others to beat our concept, community and prices.
      3. To achieve our goals, we need to grow fast and this will be the most exciting challenge. We have reliable partners in hardware production, installation and everything else needed to develop h·spaces. Our team is driven and committed to exceeding everything seen before in terms of community building, process management and business development.
      4. If you feel our vision is touching your heart and you are a superman or superwoman who could contribute to build spaces in that fast pace scenario, we are very happy to hear from you: CONTACT US
      5. One final risk is that we will be not profitable if we do not exceed a 50% occupancy rate. That’s why we've turned the market upside down and decided to only open new spaces in a city or choose a new city if we get this demand from the market that ensures we're profitable from day one.

        Its pretty simple, co-creation the magic solution here too.

      How you can contribute and get involved

      Beside pledges, we appreciate all your support and recommendations to your friends, family, and colleagues. We also need the most passionate and enthusiastic people to join our movement. If you are passionate about our visions and values, understand our business case and doing “something” good, we are very happy to hear from you.

      During expansion we need the best talent in the following areas:

      • Community manager per city at least one
      • Expansion and business development
      • Marketing and communication
      • Co-work infrastructure experience

      If you feel like this is your mission, but you are not among those: We will find a way for you to contribute and become a part of this amazing community!


      We look forward to hearing from you and becoming the greatest crowd together building h·spaces the h·way... together.


      Thanks for all your support!


      to touch our hearts, please write us a message

    • FAQ

      Frequently Asked Questions

      General Questions


      How are h·spaces different from other co-working spaces?

      We have the advantage, that we were able to learn from every space out there! What makes us most competitive is our fair pricing and incredible flexibility. While most co-working spaces focus on closed communities and are limited in flexibility, we want to ensure that there are no limits. It doesn't matter if you are using the same h·space every day or wander around visiting new spaces every day. Wherever you go, h·spaces are places where you will feel welcomed and at home.

      Why can you be so much cheaper than the average?

      Well that’s our secret. To make it short, we don’t take lease contracts and open spaces right with the perfect demand. Also within our space we have optimized all furniture and processes to the highest efficiency (without sacrificing quality!). Our overhead cost will be very little as we focus on the fairest pricing for h·citizens (users).

      What is the minimum membership? How can I cancel

      At the launch, minimum membership is 6 months, to help us plan ahead. In the future you will get one month’s cancellation notice, as we believe all should be fair and flexible. Cancellation will be very simple over your profile on the website or on the APP.

      Where will I find h·spaces and what makes them unique

      Basically everywhere people want to be creative. In all major cities we will have at least 4 spaces. Our vision is to have thousands of h·spaces so that you are able to jump into any space no more than 30 minutes from where you live. We believe we can achieve a global network and density within 24-36 months, depending also on how much support we get. Our space uniqueness we get from our location providers, as they submit the coolest locations and concepts. We see spaces in parks, on mountains and near lakes. On golf courses or camping grounds. Former factories, airports, and even central business districts. Everywhere where we get some great concept’s or locations submitted.

      How can I manage my desk reservation, can I have a fixed desk?

      Everything is easily manageable over the APP and website. Sure you can just walk in and instant book a table if available. We recommend you book in advance, so other citizens can find you and your desk is saved. The nicest locations will naturally receive a higher demand, so pre-booking may be necessary in some cases. We'll guarantee that in any city you go to with h·spaces, as an h·citizen you will have an available desk. If you want to stay in one space, there is also the option to book a dedicated desk for EUR 50 more per month.

      Members and Supporter


      What is the philosophy of an h·citizen?

      An h·citizen is the one who chooses to take the next step in individuality and flexibility in their work life. As an h·citizen, you are a part of a global infrastructure where you will see yourself as a global citizen, having a home and community wherever you go.

      What does it mean to get involved?

      If you feel our project and our message resonates with you, then there is always a way to contribute. Reach out to us: feelsignificant@h-spaces.com and spread the idea of the h·way. Many thanks for your support in any way possible. We are also very happy if you can tell your friends family and everyone in your personal and professional networks.

      When will be the first spaces ready?

      We will start with the first spaces at end 2017/early 2018. We expect to be ready with 20-40 spaces in 5-10 cities across Europe. It depends from where we see the most interest during our campaign, however, as we need around 120 people per city committed in order to build 3-4 spaces. We will keep all backers and people interested up-to-date over our communication channels.

      How can I get involved personally in further development and idea creation?

      If you feel like you have the talent we're looking for and you love our mission to create a home to work everywhere, convince us with your experience or idea on feelsignificant@h-spaces.com. We look forward to create the most awesome unicorn ever created!

      How can you guarantee my pledge – money back guarantee?

      Every Euro pledged we will not be touched until we get enough funds to actually start building our first spaces in your city. So if we realize even after a successful campaign, your pledged money stays safe

      What is the minimum funds you need to raise to go live with H_space?

      Right now we can’t really say as it depends on where (country or city) we get the most interest. If all works fine, we can start with EUR 100’000 as our minimum requirement, backed by further venture capital. We believe that we can make much more than that, it all depends on you and our community – the h·citizens.

      Location Provider


      Why should I rent my space to h·space?

      We can optimally use your spare capacity and help to maximize your rental income. Usually the small and medium sizes are the biggest pain for land lords. As we believe there will be much more commercial space available in the near future, you also don’t have to deal with the massive market competition and price battles. We will make sure that you get a fast occupancy and that your income is market average on m2 per year. In some cases, we can even pay prime if we have a very good collaboration. With the h·way you get a unique and cool way to rent your facility to a very attractive customer segment. We look forward to including you as a location provider and we are very happy to show you in person how you can make much more out of your space.

      How much can I make per year and m2?

      It depends on the market average m2 per year in your location. (see table below) So let’s say in a city of category A like London and some prime locations in Zurich, we are able to pay from EUR 1076 to 1291 per m2 per year. If you own a facility in Berlin (City D) you can get EUR 237 to 285 per m2 per year. In some cases, we also will have some prime spaces. That means you need to purchase a membership C or B to access. For the beginning we will have one simple system which is one price per city and you will get spaces in that price area. It means for most city’s that we can easily be in prime location with even the best user rate.

      How do I get my money if not as a lease?

      You will still get your money monthly and advanced. Also we are able to pay a deposit if needed. For your cash flow it does not make any difference if you rent it fix or the h·way. We will not operate space if we do not reach a 75% occupancy level. So you can rely on a fixed rent per months which we will agree on for 6 months on average. So if we fill up the space better, you also can make more money – happy if you can also help pushing our space and concept. We believe that is fair and win win for all humans involved.

      What additional services do you provide?

      In bigger spaces we will have a proper kitchen and even a bar. We need people operating the spaces or providing additional services. That’s how you can also get more income. We are also very happy to hear your ideas how we can make your space the most amazing and even win our monthly prize for the best location provider and concept.

      How long does it take to open a h·space at my facility?

      We are fast! In the beginning we expect to be ready in all cities we target within 2 months, which we will optimize to be as agile as possible. That also means that you don’t have to spend a long time looking for a way to fill up your empty space. We highly automate and standardize all processes; especially the furniture (hardware) per space. In the future we even target to be ready from after you submitted your proposal to opening the hard-spaces in less then a month and flexible soft-spaces on events etc. in just a day!

      How can I apply to be a location provider?

      If you have a facility and an idea that fits our concept, please send us an email containing information like:
      Location, Address, price expectation, floor plan, photos, internet, toilet, water, opening hours, square meters, accessibility: elevator, disabled access, floor level, ready from, uniqueness what you would do to fill it up to 95%...? do you have other facilities? Contact information.